Alex Jones and Tamerlan Tsarnaev

24 Apr 2013 by Paul Delaney, No Comments »

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I honestly wish it hadn’t happened. The Associated Press has reported that Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the Boston Marathon bombing suspect who is no longer with us, was something of an Alex Jones fan. The name Alex Jones isn’t actually mentioned in the story from the AP. The name of his  website full of lies, innuendo and fear mongering   website Infowars was mentioned in the story and it says that Tamerlan had taken an interest in the website. That’s all it says. It doesn’t go into detail. The story is mostly about how Tamerlan Tsarnaev had come under the influence of a Muslim radical named Misha. Alex Jones spins the story in a predictable fashion.

Alex is too close to the truth and the The Powers That Be are trying to associate him with the bombers in order to discredit him. Nevermind that you can find plenty of videos on YouTube where he discredits himself. The main component of the personal legend of Alex Jones is that the Establishment lives in fear of him. His picture is on a dartboard at New World Order headquarters. He is the man waking people up to the reality of the chains that bind them and is throwing a monkey wrench into the plans of the evil, atheistic, Malthusian elite who are hell bent on destroying industrial civilization and killing 80-90 percent of the world’s population. That’s the story he sells to his audience. That’s the story he sells to any disaffected, angry young man with tendencies toward populist rage who perhaps have not heard of him yet. That’s why he’s turning an AP story that mentions his website once into a narrative of the Establishment trying to frame him.

I’d never make the claim that Alex Jones and his website or his daily mental breakdown on the radio radio program inspire people to violence. The connection between political rhetoric and acts of violence is pretty murky. However, Alex Jones does have to realize that some pretty unsavory characters are among the fans of his work. Just take a look at the comments section of any article on Infowars. You’ll find anti-semitism. You’ll find people openly flirting with the possibility of violence against the New World Order. On occasion, someone with a bone to pick with mainstream society who actually takes some sort of action will find himself on the same page as Alex Jones. He didn’t cause the violence. It just means that extremists of all stripes dig his work and identify with his paranoia. He also isn’t a threat to any sort of Establishment. He’s just a crank that makes the most of every instance where his name gets mentioned outside of the conspiracy circuit.

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