Conspiracy Theories and Crisis Actors

29 Apr 2013 by Paul Delaney, No Comments »

conspiracy theories

Conspiracy theories have gotten sadder and more pathetic in recent years. I can’t even believe that this is possible but it is. It would seem at this point that every time there is an incident that involves blood, terror and death that gets lots of media attention that people who live in mortal fear of GMOs, fluoridated water, vaccines and chem trails trot out accusations that the government staged the event using crisis actors. What are crisis actors? Crisis actors are something real and not at all sinister. They are actors that are used in disaster drills in order to make them as realistic as possible. Mike “I Make Shit Up” “The Health Ranger” Adams recently published an article on Natural News reporting that the government admits that they use crisis actors in disaster drills as if this is some sort of big deal.

These accusations are distasteful and wrong. They victimize victims of national tragedies even further by impugning their character. Recall the vile character assassination of Robbie Parker who lost his daughter in the Newtown, Connecticut massacre and was accused of being an actor based on his laughing before a news conference. Recall the recent case of Jeff Bauman who lost both of his legs in the Boston bombings and was accused of being a crisis actor due to his resemblance to a disabled veteran by the name of Nick Vogt who got his legs torn off by an IED in Afghanistan. These accusations are ridiculous in addition to being distasteful but since they are quickly becoming a common trope in conspiracy theories, they deserve the attention of skeptics.

Questions to ask believers in this bullshit theory

  • If The Powers That Be are indeed using crisis actors to stage spectacular events then why would they use people who can so easily be identified as actors?
  • Why would people agree to take part in such a charade? Really think about it. What would take it for you to participate in such a charade?
  • Presumably there are people who know Robbie Parker or Jeff Bauman and know that they are indeed real people and not actors. Are the people who claim to know these people also actors? What about the people that know those people?
  • If actors are being used then presumably there would be people that would know the actors. Why haven’t we heard from those people? Are The Powers That Be going around and eliminating everyone that could expose the actors?

I think that if these claims are scrutinized honestly then the conspiracy theories necessarily fall apart. Am I wrong? Is there something I’m missing that gives credence to these conspiracy theories?


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