Fox News Hates You

1 May 2013 by Paul Delaney, No Comments »
Fox News

Kill anything that’s brown because America.

I’m not going to pretend Fox News is the end and the beginning of the problem with the news media. People like to bitch about the media being biased against liberals or against conservatives. It’s May Day and I think it’s important to remember that the media is actually biased against YOU. If you aren’t a CEO then the media doesn’t care about you or your plight. It is intended to reflect reality as interpreted by the monied political class. That’s not the point though. Let me begin again but do chew on that. Chew on it hard.

Fox News hates you. It’s showing that it hates you by appealing to your worst instincts. It’s tickling that reptilian part of your brain. It’s very easy to do. Fox News got out the tickle feather this past Monday when Megyn Kelly got her authoritarian panties in a bunch over a speech by Attorney General Eric Holder on the Boston Marathon bombings. He assured the audience that the Justice Department would do everything it could to prosecute the perpetrators of the attack to the fullest extent of the law and then he spent a lot of time talking about the need not to scapegoat Muslims or those that appeared to be Muslim. Megyn Kelly took great exception to the Justice Department prosecuting the perpetrators of the attack because the free market might be able to handle that better than the government. I kid but give her time. No. Her and Michelle Malkin were horrified that our neo-communist Attorney General was concerned with coddling the feelings of Muslims when he should be declaring people who overdid it with their last tanning session as enemy combatants just to be on the safe side. It’s not like xenophobia is part of the American heritage or anything or that crimes against Muslims spiked after 9/11.

It seems like Fox News is nostalgic for the carnival of fear that was the atmosphere in this country post 9/11. They are trying to recapture those glory days but it’s really hard since the attack didn’t kill thousands of people. Fox News knows their audience. They know their audience digs us versus them. They know their audience is into worrying about foreigners who just won’t assimilate. They know that their audience is mad as hell about our Attorney General who works for a secret Muslim coddling the feelings of Muslims who live here but desire to destroy us from within and make Megyn Kelly wear a hijab. Fox News is exploiting the worst in human nature in order to increase their ratings and thus sell more advertising. If that doesn’t say that they hate you then I honestly don’t know what the hell does.

There is also something worth mentioning that Megyn Kelly didn’t bother to reflect on too much. Eric Holder knew his audience too. The speech in question was given to the Anti-Defamation League which is likely why the theme of the speech focused so much on not scapegoating Muslims since fighting against scapegoating is the entire reason the Anti-Defamation League exists just like scaring the shit out of middle America for money is why Fox News exists.

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