God Cares.. About Your Facebook Account?

2 May 2013 by Paul Delaney, No Comments »

One of the reasons I find Christianity so relevant these days is men like Tim Conway who use their pulpit to talk strongly about a subject that matters so very much.

No. One of the reasons Christianity seems more and more lame these days is men like Tim Conway who take their divinity degrees and theologize about the petty as if it isn’t petty. Facebook? In a world of corruption, casual brutality and savage inequality, Tim Conway rails on about Facebook. Don’t have dirty words on your Facebook. Don’t be friends with people who use dirty words on Facebook.

Tim Conway

“If your Facebook account gives you scandal then pluck your eye out. Oh wait…”

Maybe it’s just my corrupt, carnal nature leading me around by the nose here but it’s almost as if all this comes down to trying your best not to be interesting.  It’s about putting a filter on one’s life. Does appearing pure and beyond any sort of reproach really make you pure and beyond reproach? That’s what irks me about many of my interactions with committed evangelicals. The dark, the ugly, the profane in a person is hidden from me. It’s a forced disingenuity and to me that’s a whole lot uglier than a cynical status update, an off color joke or some profanity.

What’s holy about appearing as if you are a character in a 1950s sitcom? It seems so queer to me that thousands of years after the work of a dark skinned, poor preacher who sometimes had a thing for apocalyptic rants that this is what guys like Tim Conway take away from all of that.

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