The Grammy Awards are Demonic, man.

30 Jan 2014 by Paul Delaney, No Comments »
Katy Perry involved in totally legit demonic ritual.

Katy Perry involved in totally legit demonic ritual.

It’s 3:47 AM on a Thursday morning. I’ve been battling a cold this week. I’m on the mend, but this cold almost seems demonic. See what I did there? The demonic is on my mind this morning. In the wake of the recent Grammy award ceremony, a lot of people have been talking about all the demons they saw running amok. Yeah. At the Grammy’s.

Many Christians I know have their spiritual spider senses tingling about what they saw that night. As a doubter, as a possible hell-bound apostate, I find this state of affairs to be pretty damn queer. It’s really weird, man. It’s sad. It’s just sad what some people are willing to call demonic. Katy Perry dressed up like some kind of priestess is surely demonic and evil. Beyonce getting all sensual with Jay-Z will damn souls to Hell. There is no doubt about that. We’re seeing legit evil folks.

Are we? Are we really? I want you to do me a favor. I want you to close your eyes and I want you to imagine what a Hellfire missile does to a human body. I want you to meditate on that for a good minute or so. Oh, did I mention that the body being obliterated by a Hellfire missile belongs to a child in Pakistan? You could also think about the millions of people who are hurting after they lost their unemployment benefits. Think of their loss of dignity. Think of their desperation. I want you to think of the children who are born to single mothers who are almost guaranteed to be chewed up, neglected, rejected, incarcerated and demonized by our society. All of these things are grave evils. I don’t have to appeal to witches or devils or magick spells to call them evils.

Grow up. Denounce actual evil. Challenge yourself to care about the world you live in. Discard this make believe nonsense about witches, demons and the Illuminati.


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