Mark Driscoll: I Can’t Wait Til The World is Destroyed

6 May 2013 by Paul Delaney, No Comments »
mark driscoll

The destruction of the natural world is absolutely hilarious and so is my haircut in this picture.

Mark Driscoll bugs me. I try not to hate anyone but he makes it really hard. It’s tempting to get incredibly nasty. It’s tempting to just pull out the weaponized ad hominems on this guy. I can hear people saying I should just stop paying attention to this guy. I’d love to and I would if he weren’t so influential. Mark Driscoll undeniably has quite an impact on how a large swath of the population lives their lives. This should concern everyone who is even the least bit sane because he says things like this,

I know who made the environment and he’s coming back and going to burn it all up. So yes, I drive an SUV.


Yeah. Forget any harm done to the natural environment by human activity because Jesus is going to come back and destroy it all with fire. Forget the fact that we don’t have a spaceship that we can fly to Vulcan or some place because Jesus is going to destroy it all with fire some day. I will refrain from countering the theology of Mark Driscoll with some more environmentally correct theology because I’m not sure I wouldn’t just be making things up. I would have no way to say my theology is more correct than Driscoll’s theology. That’s what burns me about theology lately. I can’t escape the idea that people are just making up their own game so I shall not formulate my own competing theology. However, there is no denying that theology has consequences. Know what’s really creepy? Mark Driscoll didn’t say anything about a new creation rising from the ashes. He fixates on destruction. That’s what his god is. It’s a god of anger, wrath and destruction and one especially concerned about whether you’re looking at pornography or whether you’re sufficiently manly. Seems like God as interpreted by Mark Driscoll is a lot like Mark Driscoll. That’s just a coincidence though.

I recall all of the times I’ve heard Christians denounce the fatalism and the nihilism of radical Islam. They lament the fact that radical Muslims love death and Christians love life. What is this theology of Mark Driscoll’s if not a love of death? Isn’t it just as fatalistic and nihilistic? The only real difference seems to be that a Muslim suicide bomber kills a lot faster. It’s perverse. Mark Driscoll is so focused on the world to come that he’s checked out of the world that we have now. He cheapens the life that we have now.

I know it makes me a bad person but I’m hoping for a major scandal to rock his ministry so then maybe his influence will be drastically reduced. I know that’s a tad mean but so is treating the destruction of the natural world with such glee.

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