The Sayings of PMD, Chapter Two

26 Apr 2013 by Paul Delaney, No Comments »
  1. the_thinkerIf every human being dropped dead tomorrow, never forget that the sun would still rise. This planet and all the others would continue to orbit the sun. You don’t matter as much as you think you might or as much as you’ve been led to believe you might. Don’t despair in this. Rejoice. The pressure is off. Revel in it. You’re free.
  2. You may not be Luke Skywalker or Odysseus or anyone else going through some sort of epic, heroic cycle. The universe may go on no matter what happens to you but never forget that what you do to your fellow human beings matters.
  3. Love others more than whatever momentary concept of a deity you possess.
  4. Your brain seeks patterns. Never forget that it can find patterns where none exist.
  5. It is said that only Sith deal in absolutes. So do idiots.
  6. Sometimes people are responsible for their own troubles. This fact does not disqualify them from compassion.
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